Monday, February 2

Where's my flying ambulance?

Your Happy Medic has a nerdy side. Gee what Paramedic doesn't, right?

One of my particular joys after a long day in the 6x8 foot office is watching an episode of Firefly.

Firefly was a short lived sci-fi TV series written by Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire fame. No vampires in this series, but plenty of great characters and dialogue. The show took on a cult following, mainly appealing to two unique groups - space buffs and western buffs. And, like many great programs before it, was canceled prematurely.

A particular episode stands out as appropriate for this crowd as it has a neat look into the future of pre-hospital care. At least as envisioned by sci-fi writers.

The video at is the whole episode, with only minor breaks and has a great explanation of the series to that point. It's great alone, or with watching the preceding episodes first.

If another person ever tried to get you to watch a fun sci-fi show a few years back, this was it.

Find a few minutes and give it a try. The ambulance and interaction between medics and hospital staff is worth it.


Ninja Medic said...

I liked Firefly too...I have a knitting pattern for a Jayne Cobb hat. I'll make one for you if you like.

MotorCop said...

I knew I liked you. One of the best shows. Ever.

Joss Whedon is the brains behind the upcoming "Dollhouse" on Fox as well...just a little fanboy FYI.

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooooo with you on this one HM! Bought the series after I watched and became addicted to Serenity. I was gutted when I got to the last episode.
I've just recently got Dr Horribles sing-along-blog as well.... One word..Brilliant!

Gasda said...

Your killing me...
So I watched it, and liked it. Now I have to watch the other episodes..
Well there goes more of my "free time"...