Sunday, February 22

Why did you change your logo?

That was the first line of an email I got over at thehappymedic at The writer was asking why it seems I keep making changes all the time.

So you've noticed some changes around here? So have I.

When I started my therapy (blog) I had no idea what I was doing.
Now I have an idea what I want to be doing and am slowly learning how to make it happen.

Aside from the obvious banner change, I've added the Angry Captain as a blog team member to enlighten us all with the tales of his 30+ years in the fire service. He dropped a quick hello HERE and I for one am looking forward to hearing more about where we used to be as a profession.

In addition to content I'm trying to make your time here useful. I hate when sites I visit are poorly set up so I'm trying to accommodate you quick visitors. At the top of the right column is now a tabbed section to take you from recent posts to recent comments, to call type. This should make it easy to read the newest post, check for new comments, click an ad and be on your way.

The volume of posts may be deceasing as the Brass is toying with the idea of closing Medic 99.
"Don't do it!" you say, but we're in a state of flux from 24 hour cars to 10 and 12 hour cars and the future is unclear. Rest assured we'll still have the same ridiculous folks calling 911, just less contact with them throughout their EMS experience.

So hang in there, gentle visitors, I'm learning as I go and I do appreciate you stopping by to have a look around.

Stay safe,
the Happy Medic

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