Monday, February 23

You Make the Call...Dogwalker...What Happened

As usual, start with the run down HERE.

It just so happens that after 20 minutes of trying to find a solution for these dogs our dog tag phone call spree paid off. I was able to get in touch with a woman who was not at home, but had the information for the owner of the dog walking company.

I gathered that information and discovered the dog walking office/kennel was only a few blocks away. We elected to have the patient ride in the front seat, remembering he was stable and simply needed an eval for possible first time seizure, while my partner, the EMT, walked the dogs back.

It was less than 10 minutes and we drew stares from folks in the touristy area with a firefighter walking half a dozen dogs and an ambulance following closely, red lights flashing.

On arrival at the kennel we grabbed a few business cards and stuffed them into our patient's pocket for next time.
The owner was less than pleased that her walker was going into the hospital and made repeated attempts to get us to leave him behind to tend the dogs.
"Sorry, not your call." I said as we left.
"Feeling OK buddy?" My friend was looking at me from under his worn baseball cap.
"OK, OK" he said, and there were no complications.

If you said secure the dogs and transport, you made the right call.

If you said call a Police K9 unit, ask in at your local K9 officer and get that earful now, before you're hot and tired. They handle their dog, and their dog only.

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