Tuesday, March 31

Attention "Closet Medics"

This post refers to the "closet medics" out there employed in a public safety profession but current on their Paramedic license.

My tip to them is to get promoted or be quiet.

A few nights back we were working on one of the rare folks who actually needed us in a hurry. We were able to start getting the picture and deciding on a plan when the person who keeps their license in the dark, for whatever reason, questions my treatment.

In most circumstances I want to know if something I'm about to do may be harmful or wrong, but in this case the three paramedics on the scene had verbally decided a course of treatment and suddenly this EMT has an issue.

He slows down the IV fluid I asked for wide open so I could administer my medications in an efficient manner and he refused, stating I was 'doing it wrong.'

Oh I loved that little moment. He was above me, holding the IV bag, refusing to open it up.
"He's hypertensive, you can't bolus him." I was told. He was not.
"He should go code 3." I was told. He did not.

Back at the firehouse I asked him why, if he was such an accomplished care giver, he was only serving as an EMT. His answer said it all.

"I don't like working on an ambulance."

Gag me. Use your license or shut up. This was almost a letter in your file.


Jimmie said...

Wow, I guess there are more closet medics out there, than I originally thought! Last one I ran into advised me I was immobilizing a pt wrong, he said secure head first, then body.
Love your blog
jodell_the3rd ur twit follower.

The Happy Medic said...

Thanks for stopping by Jimmie, but don't feel too special, all my readers are twits.