The Handover Blog Carnival - Volume 2

Alright class settle down, settle down.

Over the past month you all had a homework assignment to bring me a tale of "A lesson learned." Many of you took this to mean a number of different things. Some of you submitted a list of advice for new Paramedics, others a tale of a mentor teaching through experience and one of you turned in a spam advertisement for a breathing technique. Very funny Motorcop, now sit down and pay attention class!

Let's start where this whole idea started and follow some lists of suggestions for New Paramedics and EMTs. The founder of The Handover, UK Paramedic Mark Glencorse, (Third row, green jumpsuit), is better known on the playset as MedicBlog999. He has a list of 20 quick tips for every new practitioner, my favorite being #16, trust your instincts.

Another list of great suggestions I found under the desk of AD or Ambulance Driver, (Fourth row, Borg drone, cleaning his handguns) over at A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver. Less about patient care, he gives great advice for the new Paramedic dealing with the person sitting next to you in the rig, who used to be you. His list is to ward off "New Medic Syndrome." AD...those aren't loaded...are they?

As an example of a learning moment, I offer up a call I went on with my early mentor Mr Bill, which taught me more in 2 hours than I had learned in the first year jocking a box. I won't include my submission's grade in the curve.

Where is Erin? Erin! Oh, I'm misreading my attendance sheet. There you are ER RN (First row, paisley scrubs and fresh coffee). I know you need to get back to your crowded ER but thank you for your paper about drug seekers and that appearances can be deceiving. We should all learn a lesson from Erin. ER RN, sorry. No extra points for scenting it by the way.

Some appearances hide nothing. Spence Kennedy from Siren Voices (Second row, elegant style and handwriting) writes of a time when a hidden weapon made an appearance at a call, not once, but twice. Scene safety is always a big points getter in this classroom.

Michael. Michael Morse! (Fourth row, Lieutenant's badge) Please stop writing your next book and pay attention. Your submission titled "Fairy Tale" had better not be another story about trolls and princesses. I hope it was a moment when you saw the real person underneath the shell she had built around herself simply because you cared. What? Oh. It is? OK then, back to writing "Happy Rescuing Providence." Oh, that's not the title? Then you fail.

, who calls them as she sees them over at callitasIseefit(Third row, PJ pants and pager), got a bit emotional at a scene that would cause any rescuer to take a few moments and rethink what a bad day really is. The learning moment isn't spelled out, but it's in there, you just have to feel for it instead of look for it. Great paper Bernice, keep them coming. Now please go change into your proper school uniform.

Here's a letter written to all of you from Peter Canning's Street Watch Blog. It is titled Letter to a new Preceptee and has valuable information for you folks new on the street.
And Peter, you did extra credit by adding to the letter in a separate post. Well done. Your days as a speech writer in the Governor's Office have served you well. Now please leave the podium and take your seat this is not an oral report.

All right class, time for our music lesson. Oddly enough, that's the theme of our next report from Impacted Nurse(Back row, giggling and rubbing hands together). Often it is difficult to explain to new folks on the job the way the ER can flow like a symphony if you just listen to it. Everyone raise their instruments and...ready? Play.

Great music lesson Impacted, let's go outside for recess and enjoy the spring weather. I'll grade these papers while you play. Oh Motorcop and AD, the firing range is open now, knock yourselves out.

When we come back your History Lesson will be covered by Kim from Emergiblog who asks us to form our next submissions around the theme of "Emergency!" the influential and fun to watch 1970s TV show. Submissions should be sent to Kim no later than April 20th for consideration. Now go and play while you can and, above all else, BE SAFE!


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Anonymous said…
Not wanting to be seen as a teachers pet but, well done Mr Happy Medic sir, please take this nice shiny apple as a sign of my gratitude along with my pledge to carry all of your books to class each morning.
Thanks for hosting and thanks to all contributors for making an excellent edition!
Onwards and upwards class!
Michael Morse said…
Well done Happy Medic!
Walt Trachim said…
I'm sorry - I am a truant....

Promise I'll behave better for the next one. And I'll try to show up.


Good posts, Happy. Thanks for including me in this one.