Tuesday, March 10

Mutual Aid updates

Two mutual aid companies are up and posting again.

Siren Voices, another of our UK EMT friends, has a style like a novel and great tales from the streets. Every time I see an update I get a fresh cup of coffee and sit in a quiet room to set the mood.

In stark contrast is the matter of fact style of firefighter/paramedic over at i love my job. His (I assume it is he since the only image on the site says 'Daddy drinks because you cry') posts are scattered but he saves them for the strange calls he gets, which seem to focus on drunks doing stupid things. And the address of the site, seofaswtown, puts him somewhere between Dallas and San Diego.

And don't forget to send me your link for the March Blog Carnival "A learning moment" about when you learned something you'd like to pass along. Especially you ER and A&E readers. Drop a link or a story to thehappymedic@gmail.com.

Until the bells ring again,
the Happy Medic

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