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Wednesday, March 11

On the lighter side from The Angry Captain

Decades ago, as an engineer on a busy truck company, we got to handle all the "service" calls for our station. These included resetting alarms, smoke checks, cats in trees, all the stuff that didn't rate an engine company being tied up. Of course the engine pukes (an industry term) always cheered us on when we got one of these important calls.

We also got sent on calls that did not fit in any other category. On this particular afternoon, we were toned out for a rescue call not requiring medics. The caller had access to a phone but nothing else and had her big toe stuck in the bath tub spigot. Immediately, we had all sorts of assistance being offered by the other 2 engines in the house as well as the medic unit. We graciously declined their help, as this was undoubtedly a call requiring the specialized training of our extrication team.

On arrival, the front door was unlocked. (A good thing since both firefighters were ready to make the fastest forcible entry in history.) Being the knowledgeable Engineer, I immediately applied 'try before you pry' and opened the door. While they were still in shock, I moved through the house calling out for the party trapped and followed the voice to the bathroom. On entering I grabbed a towel off the rack and tossed it to the very embarrassed lady of the house. Once covered, we were able to squeeze enough soapy water into the spigot to release her toe. Those firemen still hate me to this day!

The Angry Captain


MotorCop said...

Dear Penthouse,

I never thought those letters were true...

Firecap5 said...

So, were they more mad you opened the door before they could force it, or that you threw the lady a towel before they got in the room??

firefighter / paramedic said...
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firefighter / paramedic said...

I would be mad for the quick towel work.