Sunday, March 8

Sunday Fun - Getting artistic

I'm putting us out of service for a few minutes, I'll tell Radio it's a drill.

The internets have amazing examples of non-traditional art. Let's take a look at some stuff that will make us smile and think, "I could do that." But no, no you can't. For example:

Does this image look like a strange impressionist version of a bee? Look closer. Those are crayons.

The artist, Christian Faur, uses self cast crayons to recreate images. Look:

Isn't it amazing the way they can trick the eye that way?

I was looking for an old college roommate when I came across Chris Jordan's body of work. I remember some of these images making the email rounds last year, but they still amaze. This one, Cans Seurat, Depicts 106,000 aluminum cans, the number used in the US every thirty seconds.

Now look closer...

and actual size...

Tim Noble and Sue Webster don't fool the eye so much as question your understanding of light and shadow.

Ever since you were a kid and the back pack in the corner cast a shadow of a monster, you have known that shadows can be misleading. But what happens when the shadow is the image and the item casting the shadow is a pile of trash?

Just amazing...

Well, we better get back in service before the Battalion Chief starts asking questions.
Hope you enjoyed the obscure art,


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