Sunday, March 15

Sunday Fun - To the Shops

Turns out the Chief wasn't too happy about us going out of service for fine art last week.
But we need to head into the shops and get the Engine looked at. I thought we'd have a look through the reserve fleet and see if we can get a nice rig in the interim.

They recently replaced the stout valves on this engine Firegeezer linked to awhile back.

It's got the beer keg taps and the pizza oven ready to go. I think Engine 3 had this last, so it might need a cleaning.

I don't think we'll be able to indulge in the finer aspects of the upgrades, but at least we know dinner won't get cold.

With the weather still a bit cold and winter not quite gone, we could ask for Engine Sub-Zero.

The treads might cause some trouble on the recently waxed bay floors, so we can park it out back. Now that I think about it, Alan Robock might need to get this rig back down to Antarctica. That reminds me, your detail is to Antarctica tomorrow, sorry.

Our response times have been lacking lately, so let's consider Engine 6. You remember, the one with the jet engine?

We'll need to carry the hose in the cab, but imagine how quick we can go get a cup of coffee!

This isn't the first jet powered Engine in the yard, but it is the prettiest.

Rumors of budget cuts have been circling and the cost of large flashy rigs is being taken into account.

I think that's why this Dr Seuss Rig is still down at the yard.

When the flashy rigs do come back into style, I have my eye on Engine '42.

We can finally listen to the Jan and Dean Tape I made us last year.

But I have a feeling we'll get stuck with the oldest rig in the yard. And we all know the clean up is the worst!
This fantastic image is from James Gurney, illustrator and author of the popular books Dinotopia. According to Mr Gurney's personal blog the Gurney Journey, this image is the result of a discussion with a friend as to what a fire engine would look like in a society that closely included dinosaurs, as the Dinotopia books do.
Follow the link to his personal blog and read the posts in order, there are 5 in the series. It was interesting how his original concept was changed when he consulted a friend in the fire service who considered the physics of firefighting and applied them to a dinosaur.

The idea that the animal pumps the water with a bellows type foot pump is just great. Wander around Mr Gurney's blog a bit and see some fantastic fantasy art, then get back here in time to feed our relief engine. Looks like we'll need about 400lbs of conifer and ferns for our brachiosaur.

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