Monday, March 23

You Make the Call...Opposing Engine Companies...What Should Happen

The question on Friday was THIS

Given the scenario, you are first due and would be first on scene, but Engine 2 has turned the wrong way down a one way street.

The important thing to keep in mind in this situation is apparatus placement. The first priority in this scenario will be ladder placement. We engine folk can forget that the engine should NEVER be in front of the fire building, but pulled past it. Lines can be stretched and extended if necessary, but ladders have a set range and angle and blocking them means no ladder access whatsoever. In a narrow street like this, even a 35', 45' or 50' ladder will need to be footed in the street to make the angle to the third floor.

That in mind, Engine 2 should be given the right of way to advance towards the fire building. Since you heard Engine 2 and Truck 2 were at the same location when the call came out, we must assume they are responding together and that the truck is following the engine. If Engine 1 advances and drops lines, Truck 2 will have to go around the block and come in the other way behind Engine 1.

When engine 2 pulls PAST the fire building, the truck will have the full fire building to ladder or place the aerial device should the officer make that decision.

As officer of Engine 1, you should advise your driver to pull past the intersection and back down to Engine 2, drop a supply line and reverse out to the hydrant to supply Engine 2.

This will solve the access, water supply and traffic control issues in one maneuver.

If you said let Engine 2 take the fire building to let the truck in, you made the right call.

If you said, "Screw Engine 2 this is our fire" you need to grow up and work as a team.


Nick Stabile said...

Fires are like hiccups, sooner or later we'll all get one. Let the Twos do their thing and help where you can....I mean after all, they are engine monkeys :)

Michael Morse said...

There are more than one ways to skin a cat, or fight a fire. Your plan is a good one, but not the only one. Sometimes split second descision making produces less than desirable results. The ability to compensate for and correct less than perfect deployment of resources has saved many a day.

But, hey, it's your blog, fight the fire any old way you want :)