Sunday, March 1

Your new training prop

Your Fire Department already has an elaborate search and rescue prop. Packed with confined spaces, obstacles, stairs and bridges, it sits, mostly empty, most days. In fact there are a number of them and I guarantee your community has at least one. All you need now is a rope.

I imagine this drill started with, "The crew at the end of this rope needs rescue...GO!"
I give you the "Why didn't I think of that award" for 2008/2009.


Big Show said...

If we did this in my dept, my training ofc. would probably say "ok, you found the 150lbs dummy at the end of the rope, now bring it back"

The Happy Medic said...

And Big Show, that would be an even better drill!

Mike said...

Back when I was training the rescue guys in NC, I'd have them perform spinal immobilization on a patient and then give them scenarios where they'd have to get the packaged pt through various obstacles. Sometimes I used the playground equipment at a local park. It made the crews do some problem-solving, reinforced their packaging skills, and showed particular benefit when they handled wilderness rescue or evacuation incidents later. Now you make me wish I'd videotaped those days. [On-duty crews always thought it was half-training, half-punishment.]