Monday, April 13

...for the cardiac eval...

A local street fair is closing up shop and the weather is getting cold. That was when a 19 year old presents to the event medical staff with quite the unique chief complaint.


A 19 year old male reports chest pain.


We knew the area would be busy, but the event folks have their act together and get us quickly in where we need to be. On the way a supervisor is telling me not to laugh when the man relays his chief complaint. He's also telling me because of the way it was reported, he had to activate us.
What was the complaint?

"I drank, like, 2 of those 5 hour energy shots and now I feel jittery." As he says it he rubs his chest. I looked to the event supervisor who held his arms up as if to say, "See, I told you so."

Our friend has a variety of stories he hasn't put much thought into, the same stories we hear day in and day out.
"I'm here with some friends, but they left me here."
"My brother lives just over there but he kicked me out."
"I can't call anyone, my phone is dead."

And he went on and on.

The check out checks out, but he insist on "Getting checked out." I find myself giving the ambulance crew the same story I got from the event supervisor and I had to smile.

As he climbed in he asked the golden question. "How much will this cost me?"
Before I could answer, the EMT on the ambulance looks him up and down and says, "Well, somewhere between $1200 and $2800 depending on tests."

"But I don't have any money."

And the doors closed and he drove away, still with 8 hours of energy to go.


Little Girl said...


All I can do is smile and laugh a little.

As a dispatcher I get those same very stories during my call evaluation, and just as I am going to hang up the phone I get 'So, How much will the ambulance cost me'?

No matter how minor or serious the medical condition may be, that is a very popular question.

Let just say Ambulances are not cheep, not matter if your live in Canada or the States.

Anonymous said...

Same story, couple of years ago.

Rescue 4: Male w/ chest pain, in gray van south on County Road 4, will meet you at ____.

We get to the location, find the van. Two males get out, one about 50yo, the other maybe 25yo. We naturally (and naively) assume the problem is with the old guy and approach him while doing visual size-up.

"It's me son" he says.

Three energy drinks this morning (it's only 10AM), no other fluids, no other food since last night.

Yeah, that's what 'full throttle' means, pal. He was pretty amped. Scared himself a bit, too.

He was buzzy enough to not argue with transport.

- F4