Wednesday, April 8

...for the overdose...

The baby boomers are getting restless. Some of the older ones have re-examined thier lifestyles and are making changes for the better. More exercise, better diet, quit drinking. But what happens when your body won't fall asleep?


A man has called stating he may have an anxiety attack.


It's after midnight and our new friend meets us at the door in his pajamas and a robe. He shuffles into the house and has a thick Irish accent as he describes the emergency. He's afraid he may not fall asleep.

For over 50 years he was a heavy drinker, so much so that he often passed out at night instead of falling alseep.
Since visiting the doctor a few weeks ago and quitting drinking, he now has trouble falling asleep. Tonight his sleeping medications are not working and he would like a shot (medicine, not booze) of some kind to help him sleep.

"Have you tried watching baseball?" I asked him and he laughed.
"I've tried everything my friends. Warm milk, pills, a bath even, but noothin' (the accent) is makin' me the wee bits of tired."
"Well, I can sing you to sleep. That's about as far as we can go unless you want a ride to the hospital."
"Oh no, no hospital for me. I was just hoping for a shot or a new pill or soomthin'."

He escorted us to the door and apologized for calling so late.
"Had I known I'd be so much trouble earlier, I'd a had a shot or two (not medicine)."


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MotorCop said...

I call bullshit.

No way an Irishman gave up drinkin'. T'isn't in our genes.

Nice creative writing, HM, but I caught you. 'Fess up!