Monday, April 27

Just a little thing

A minor notice to expectant and new parents seeking help from firefighters or other emergency workers in installing your car seat.


Please seek this assistance PRIOR to bringing your new baby and the car seat to the firehouse.

Carrying the child on your lap in the passenger seat, I think, constitutes gross negligence. And on another note, not all emergency workers are trained in installing car seats. Unless one of them is a parent, they'll likely either read the instructions or refuse to help based on liability concerns.

Best bet is to do it when you buy it, then do it again.


Greg Friese said...

Find a Certified Child Passenger Safety Seat technician.

Right column:

MotorCop said...

Also, most local PDs have certified installers. Just give your local PD a call (at the non-emergency number, if you please) and they should be able to direct you appropriately.

Until then, I'm sure it's totally cool to use a cooler, right?

Greg Friese said...

Nice PSA from Mesa Arizona city councilman and Mesa FD about car seat safety.

mommy-medic said...

Thank you! I am a CPST (well, "car seat nazi" as my crew lovingly call me) and can't tell you how much misuse we see! Today we had a call go out in the county for an overturned van- later found out mom had a 14 month old forward facing in an infant carrier! *eye roll*

If the car seat has been involved in any wreck, it MUST be replaced (Britax seats are the only ones with a reuse checklist, and it has to be a tiny fender bender to qualify). I tell parents "the seat has done it's job, time for a new one". Also, the AAP recommends rear facing to the weight and height limits of the seat (my 2 year old is still rear facing)- its 500% safer on the head neck and spine. (lots of great "extended rearfacing" videos on youtube. Crash tests show the advantages very well). Ok, off my soapbox- thanks for the post though!