Friday, April 24

Random thoughts

When trying to change a system, sometimes it's important to start over in your mind and build an ultimate system, then try to meet in the middle. With that in mind, I find the following notes in the margins of my project notes. Not sure if they're the ultimate side or the middle part. Thought I'd share.

Still hospital based! MD on staff but call ER for permissions? Why not operate under MD staff only?

Fire based FRU (fast response unit) home visits? Hour unit usage? Burnout?

Coughing considered contagious for decon? Decon air?

Redefine "patient" from medical side, not public side

I know what I can do for them not what they think they need, but they decide when to go.

Send ambulance implies transport needed, send motorcycle they get the idea.

Private ambulance for sick calls pre-scheduled

Permission to contact person's MD at all hours could get them to actually see their patients and reduce call volume

Community clinics with special units who can transport for suturing to the clinic instead of ER

Dental unit? No.

That last one is near some sloppy notes, maybe I was partially asleep. I can hear it now, "Special needs dispatch for Dentist 3!"


Anonymous said...

Silly questions but I have to ask it ....

Do you have private transport companies?? And I mean private transport companies that transport Joe/Jane Citizen to hospice? or to the hospital for their appointments? or just from home to assisted living facilities ect?

Steve Whitehead said...

I'm glad I'm not the only blogger who writes reandom idea notes and then can't remember what they were supposed to mean.

I'd like to read #5 the most.

Be well