Sunday, April 12

Sunday Fun - Company Logos

Every department has companies that earn a reputation or have a nickname or neat mascot.

Some companies adopt a cute cartoon character:

Others may go for a dark image to express their bad assedness:

And even others have "unique" slogans like Los Angeles County Fire's "Track Attack"

...for their wildland unit.

But your Happy Medic would like to see some more accurate station logos put out there.

What about that station on the outskirts that seems to have members who are a little bigger than the rest of the department? You know the crew, they can make a standing rib roast knowing they'll be in quarters to watch it cook. How about this for their logo:

And then there's that station where the Engine and the Truck race to each fire simply to hound the other for being second in. The guys never trade with the other crew, choosing to keep the truck "pure." These folks need a hug. Or maybe just a new logo will calm them down.

Do you have an unusual company mascot or logo? Shoot me an email at with a link, I'd love to see it.

Please do not send any logos containing the following phrases or images:
Fight what you fear
double deuce
fightin' (insert number here)
Little Irish guy boxing
A dragon and you're in Chinatown
These have been worn into the ground

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MotorCop said...

You are bordering on offending my Irish heritage. What do you mean know little Fightin' Irish Guy?!?!