Monday, April 27

Swine Flu Prevention Fail

What do you mean people are dying of the flu? What do you mean more people will die in car accidents?
How can I be protected from the evil swine flu?

Whatever you do, don't wear gloves and don't wash your hands with warm water and mild soap. Just wear this expensive hood and mask combo.

This photo came up on Yahoo earlier today and had me laughing.

The news tonight never mentioned washing hands with soap and water or covering your mouth when you cough.
Nothing about staying home when you're sick, wiping your nose with a tissue and cleaning door knobs and other surfaces often.

Could they have mentioned washing your pillowcase often when sick? What about avoiding the ER when not sick?

No, let's buy some cool stuff we can use to look really cool.



MotorCop said...

Dammit, man, I just dropped like a grand on equipment for my couldn't have updated your damn blog four days ago with this info?!?!

...please tell me you all know I'm kidding.

The Road Doctor said...

This looks like N-95 respirator fit testing to me...

But it's funny to look at just the same.

The Happy Medic said...

Sorry, MC, I've been busy with all this Pandemic Preparadness Training. We're so ready for a flu outbreak it's funny.
No really, it's funny because by the time we know what it was that made grandma sick I will have already been infected and treating dozens of others.
EMS is an amazing vector for spreading disease.

brendan said...

Six years in EMS, zero N95 fittings.


man-nurse said...

Yeah, that's an N95 fitting, right? They don't give them to EMS personnel?

Was that picture from an article?