Friday, April 24

You Make the Call...Dumpster Fire

You are the officer of a single engine 3 person resource dispatched to a reported dumpster fire behind a local grocery store.
The store is a 1 story, type 3 and the attached buildings are similar.
From your pre-plans you know the building is sprinklered and the owners have good fire prevention practices.

As you arrive on the scene you have heavy smoke showing from behind the building and see some flames. As you turn the corner towards the rear access you find a pair of large trucks blocking your access.

Heavy fire appears to be from a large pile of refuse. One of the drivers approaches and tells you they were making deliveries to the hardware store and think the pile is mostly cardboard, but he's not sure.

As another team is stretching a line you hear the building's alarm system begin to ring.

Both engines have a water supply and another engine is now approaching from the other side.

What are your 3 primary concerns in this scenario? You Make the Call.


brendan said...

Exposure 1- the building.

Exposure 2- the truck

Contents of the dumpster.

Get the truck moved, bring the engine in, and deckgun that sumbitch. No sense getting close when we don't have to. Send a line in to the building through the closest non-affected entrance to look for extension.

PA Volly said...

1: evacuation

2: building involvement

3: Truck contents/involvement

Chris said...

Not fire trained at all (unless a 2 hour fire extinguisher course counts!), but here's a guess

1) Are the lorries involved? If not, move them before they are.

2) Is the building involved? Regardless, evacuate to be on the safe side.

3) Where's the newly arriving engine (3rd one on scene?) going to park?

The Bus Driver said...

Evac Building

Move Delivery Truck

Find out contents of dumpster then extinguish accordingly.

crs224akameema said...

I'm amazed that the trucks haven't been moved already - and you say one of the drivers is there? Yikes! Not a firefighter (have been a truck driver, though, and you can bet your bippy mine'd be out of there!) but my guess is: Get trucks moved, while that's happening have building evacuated and try to verify dumpster contents; extinguish accordingly.

Anonymous said...

It's a grocery store, oui ?
Send one guy to evac the store.
Pull one line to the fire and the other to prevent any chance of fire spread to the exposures (store or trucks).
Flow water.
Look tough and manly !
Go home.

The Happy Medic said...

OK Anonymous, looking tough is always #1 (Smiley)

Better get my three in here.
I too am amazed the trucks have not been moved yet, but hey, if we can get the seat of the fire knocked down, we're in business.

My three priorities here are
1. Confirm the alarm is from this event and not a new event.
2. Move trucks or attack fire from direction of the trucks
3. Co-ordinate the attack from the other side to ensure we don't have opposing hand lines pushing fire and water at one another.

"exposures" will be protected by putting out the fire.

Big Show said...

well based upon that picture, my three biggest immediate concerns would be 1) the wire over the attack team 2) why people arent in full PPE (notice the guy not wearing an SCBA and 3) why bystanders are so close to the building.