Friday, May 8

Congratulations Hot Fuzz

Follower Mrs Hot Fuzz has been chronicling her adventures as a soon to be police wife at the appropriately named a police wife blog.

She's been in the list of PD blogs I follow for some time and following along has indeed been fun and informative for those of us on this end of the interwebs.

But starting today, according to the counter on her blog, Hot Fuzz has graduated from the Police Academy, making her truly, a police wife.

Congratulations Hot Fuzz on successful completion of your Po-Po studies and stay safe out there, especially from Calamity Jane (oh I do love a good CJ tale!).

Welcome to the high paid, easy life of civil service,

All your friends at HMHQ


Bo... said...

Okay, I'll say it. Men drive me nuts.

mrs. fuzz said...

Hey, I was just getting caught up on your blog and came upon this. Thank you! That's really nice. It's kind of surreal right now, but a welcome change.

I just met CJ a few days ago and hung out with her for a little while and gosh darnit I like her! But she still has no biznes being a cop. She even said in front of one of their lieutenants after seeing our 6 month old that she "wants another baby so bad! But just doesn't want to be pregnant!" HF and I laughed later at the lieutenants face pondering the fact that she could be pregnant after just being hired as a reserve officer. Sweet, clueless, interior designer girl. It will just kill her if or when she doesn't pass FTO.

Thanks again for your kind words.