Tuesday, May 19

The Handover is in Providence

Last chance reminder, friends, to get your submissions into Lt. Morse over at Rescuing Providence for this month's blog carnival. Deadline is tomorrow, the 20th.

This month's theme is "Partners."

So if you're a pre-hospital blogger, in the ER or A&E or even just have a tale to tell about partners and want to submit one of your own posts, or suggest one you've found, send it along.

You can find submission info under this underlined segment here.


Michael Morse said...

Thanks Happy Medic!

I've gotten some great submissions so far, hoping for some more!

Ckemtp said...

Oopsie! I'll be hitting your e-mail tomorrow kind of late with one, but it's coming. The theme is perfect, I've just got to put the finishing touches on it.