Thursday, May 28

Heavy smoke showing

Get the adrenaline flowing by telling the 911 dispatcher that the 6 story apartment building across the street has "heavy, thick" smoke coming from a window. First engine on the scene reports nothing showing.
"Look harder!" we're shouting to ourselves and laughing.

Just as we're pulling up we see the first in truck is already laddering the fire escape and the first in engine is securing a supply.

Maybe they have something.

We're geared up and see no smoke, smell no smoke, but head to the front door to check in with the chief...

...who is leaving, laughing, waving us off.

It seems a CO2 extinguisher fell off the wall and broke on the floor. The occupant went running to the window and opened it, causing the gas to escape, looking like a cloud of smoke.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.


Doug said...

How many resources were deployed for that? Wow!

Music Medic said...

Bummer. Nothing worse than a false alarm. I firmly believe that the guys at my station have the fastest donning and doffing turnout times in the state, Simply due to this fact, and stories much like this.