Sunday, May 10

Medic 99 to stay open

My love/hate relationship with the animal that is Fire based ALS transport will continue for a short while longer it seems.

I never believe word that comes from Headquarters, or even the Division level, but when you visit the fleet center and there are not enough people to staff the rigs they need, I kind of knew the word of 99 closing was premature.

I told all of you mainly so I could explain away a decrease in crazy and wacky nonsense calls since it comes in waves on the ambulance. But now, snuck out in an auto email on Mother's Day Sunday, word that the *new* "plan" is to close Medic 99 and her sister cars by the end of the year. No, the calendar year.

I hear what you're saying, "Don't believe it, Happy! Look away from the sparkling brass, look away." But I can feel their pain. It takes money to do the things they told us they were doing and money is one thing in short supply lately. So instead of getting rid of all my Medic unit hours, like many of my co-workers are praying for, I'll get about 2 shifts a month with ol' 99 or one of her sisters.

And, like I said when I got news they were closing, I can deal with that.

Are we all ready for another 6 months of Medic 99 tales? I am. And hopefully she'll stay open into the spring and early summer.

See you at the big one. I'll be across the street in the triage area.

Your Happy Medic


The Bus Driver said...

what is the difference? I guess i'm wondering what is the history behind medic99 and how does it differ from your other "stories" I missed the whole part about it closing or something.

Anonymous said...

Great news HM, you just need to work on keeping Medic99 open for next year now!!