Wednesday, May 13

Overheard over the radio today

My head hung low after hearing the following radio traffic:

"Control, this is Engine 99, we need a code 3 ambulance at our location."

"Copy that 99, do you have a patient report?"

"Yeah, this guy wants a ride to a shelter, refuses to stand up."

"99, can you confirm you need the ambulance code 3?"

"Yeah, we can't wait here all day, send them code 3."

It hurt. It hurt to hear that. But luckily an ambulance was around the corner and cleared a few minutes later with a final classification of "No medical merit."


The Road Doctor said...

Sounds like a PD issue to me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a little back seat / street dispatching going on there.

I can tell you how I would have treated the request - "Roger, EMS has been dispatched," and I would have probably sent EMS with an ALPHA response.

I would have gotten the police to attend too. Urban Campers don't always need to go with EMS.

Michael Morse said...

Or we could leave them where they sit.

Anonymous said...

That too .... But we are suppose to help citizens in distress - that is why we are call emergency responders.

MotorCop said...

Not a PD issue, sorry to burst your bubble. Refusing to get up isn't a crime. If it were, I'd have a life sentence.