Monday, May 11

Signs you're going to have a good shift...or not.

What keeps Happy smiling?

A parking space at work. In the big city, parking is a premium, so when I get to a house and find a nice spot, my day has started well.

Fresh coffee in the pot and not that Costco crap. Sure it's cheap, but you get what you paid for.

A well respected and thorough medic is going off duty. I know my morning check will not have any surprises.

I finish the newspaper in one sitting.

Chores are completed by the new guy.

First job out the door actually needs us.

Lunch is on the table on time and finished before the next bells.

The chairs are comfortable enough to cross your legs while on the laptop.

Dinner is delicious and, like lunch, warm.

The night is quiet as we finish Shawshank Redemption and goto sleep.

Awake at 6:30 without a night run, shower and get downstairs to see your relief has already arrived.


Arrived earlier than anyone else by 45 minutes.

I have to park across the street in the red zone.

The kit is a disaster, some meds over 60 days expired, and where is the BP Cuff? Really?

My engine driver's nickname is "The Disaster."

Shopping is interrupted twice for cell phone callers calling in an old accident.

The lunch is leftovers.

First job after lunch is a bike accident with a Paramedic intern on the ambulance who likes to make his decisions about whether or not to C-spine outloud.

With a start like this do I really need to tell you the rest?


The Bus Driver said...

Well, regardless, of how your day started, I hope you keep your head up and that things get better from here.

Just think, with a little guidance, that new paramedic trainee can be making decisions in his head!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, who hasn't talked out a decision before.

They say its a sign of insanity, but aren't we all a little bit insane???

The Happy Medic said...

"Well, I don't think she's injured, and she may become combative."
"I'd probably talk to her and explain the benefits of transport."

She's right in front of you buddy.

The drawbacks of the "quick finish" paramedic schools.

The Bus Driver said...

"quick finish" paramedic school?

I sure do hope they actually dont just push them through in the interest of time!!

mrs. fuzz said...

I like this post because it gives an idea of what you do in one day. Now I'm wondering about how many days in a week are good days?