Sunday, May 24

Sunday Fun - Hitting the Bricks

I've had enough.

I'm leaving my current Department and moving on. Thinking I could just rebuild my system from the ground up like some giant Lego set, I was out of my mind.

So I'm moving to Lego Township which, I recently found out, has quite the fire department.

Folks of a certain age grew up with the little interlocking bricks, I need not give you the history, or how much fun it can be to see all those little pieces and imagine what they could become.

I was looking for some images for a different post and came across this one by chance. My first thought was "Are those Lego?" and my next thought was "I have got to get a real hobby."

I then began to research the LTFD (Lego Township Fire Department) and found them to be quite organized. There are 3 Battalions commanding 9 stations, each station complete with company rosters, apparatus photos and, as the image above suggests, RECENT INCIDENTS.

I remembered when I would piece together quite the impressive fire truck with my Lego bricks but, um, yeah, I never did anything this elaborate. It is amazing what these folks do with the same materials.

The operator of the site, Robert A. Karpowicz, runs a tight ship and his Department includes EMS, fire prevention, heck even a retired firehouses section. My favorite part is reading all the back story that goes with each picture, as if it was real.

But, when you think about it, it is real. Someone took the time and effort to make these kits look real. Took the time to make the rigs look real, not the funny looking rigs in the kits. Someone put a lot of love and appreciation into these kits.

I looked just at the pictures at first, that was 2 hours ago. You can get lost over there on his site, be careful. But do go and take a look around, it is more than worth it. Take special note that the engines actually connect to the hydrants. Too cool.

So, Chief Karpowicz, I officially submit my application for the position of Chief of EMS of the Lego Township Fire Department. I have references.


MotorCop said...

I previously had suspicions that you were a dork.


Now, if I can just find LTPD, we'd be set.

Gasda said...
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Gasda said...

MC, You'r all set

They even have a motor unit.

Stay Safe..
(Officer I found the golf club with that nail in it)

Grumpy, M.D. said...

We take our kids to LegoLand in Calfornia. Have replicas of major world cities built out of them.

One marvels at how accurate they are, wonders how much the builders are getting paid, and thinks you may have found a career for your child who lives for Legos.

MotorCop said...

Holy cow, Gasda...

I'm either ridiculously impressed or overly frightened of your ability to locate superfluous crap on-line.

Oh, and it's simply a tire thumper...not a weapon.