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Sunday, May 31

Sunday Fun - More Posters

Some EMS Motivational posters I'd like to see.


Little Girl said...


Bitter Blonde said...

If you start mass producing "Standing Takedown," let me know. My partner wants one for every ambulance at every station he works for . . .

Ckemtp said...

Those rock :) Linked

Holly said...

I like it, except the "they think you're lazy because you are"--those EMTs don't have a call at the moment, and being a private company ambulance they probably don't have a station to go to either. They're just parked there until something happens, which could be hours. They've (well, if it was us) already cleaned and organized everything. There's nothing they can do except sit around, and the driver's seat gets kinda cramped after a while.

Sorry, it's a sensitive spot--once I went to buy lunch and the cashier asked me "Are you a paramedic?"
"Actually I'm an EMT."
"So there are people out there dying while you're eating lunch?"

Believe me, lady, if one of them starts dying near here now, I won't stay to finish this, but come on. What am I supposed to do, go door-to-door asking everyone if they have any chest pain?

The Happy Medic said...

Holly, I've been there. We used to take turns stretching out in the back. My point with this photo was the feet in the window with the door open. Call for service or not there is a minimum level of professionalism I think we should all stand up to from volunteer first aider to the highest paid EMS Medical Director.

Thanks for stopping by, come back often :)