Wednesday, May 6


"You should handle it like CNN and the Weather Channel...constant updates."
If you know the film, the character and the topic, then you know I'm in a good mood.

Plans will soon be put into motion (Cue muh hahaha evil laugh and hand rubbing) starting my long and lofty project of changing the way EMS is delivered in my system.

A few weeks ago I mention in our You Make the Call section the possibility of ending the blog to further the project and many of you mentioned doing both.

OK, both.

I'm working on a "re-launch," date TBD, that will allow me to still yell into this little room and maybe make changes that will require less need to yell into a little room.

I've already changed the way we're dispatching calls here at Happy Medic Head Quarters (HMHQ). Previously I gave you the dispatch info only, and even I am having trouble searching the 225+ posts to date for past runs. So now I'm giving you a little more than the dispatch info to make the post memorable from the archives.

We'll also be steering way from dispatches or possibly inviting our readers to submit their dispatches from across the US and the world to share in the hilarity that is modern emergency services.

I'll keep you, my three loyal readers, updated on changes as they happen, but feel free to stop by whenever you like. If the red light is on out front, we're in quarters.

Stay safe all!

Your Happy Medic


Anonymous said...

hmmm .... waiting with baited breath for these changes you speak of .....

Michael Morse said...

I think you would be amazed at how many visitors I get at rescuing Providence from your "Three" readers.

Good luck with your changes, something has to give!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Um HM.... ol' buddy.... there are more than three of us out here. The 'geezer, you and Statter are on my list every morning, no matter how late I might be running. Then I check you guys at night before I sack out.
In case yu have not yet figured it out, there are a hell of a lot of us out here who would love to be able to 'scream into the clouds' but can't because we lack the time or the computer skills.
In this last week alone I have enough "stuff" to fill a months worth of blog pages, but the pace does not allow me time to record it in a meaningful way. Maybe I'll send you my "screams" and you can use them as your own on a slow day. In the meantime, just keep venting for all of us, ok?
Capt. Tom