Monday, May 4

You Make the Call...Restaurant...What Happened

Needless to say THIS situation was a first and has not repeated itself.

I asked for the oxygen bag and told the officer I'd radio if I needed anything.

I was led into quite the posh seating area and scanned for famous faces, not seeing any. My patient was sitting up in his chair but pale and diaphoretic which clicked this from a courtesy to a necessity. I grabbed the mic on the radio and called in an active chest pain, which where I work gives me authority to do darn near anything.

The officer and engine crew were inside in a flash, not causing trouble, but indeed helping me treat the patient.

When the ambulance arrived the owner again tried to stop them and make the patient walk outside. At that point the ambulance Paramedic let out a little laugh and pushed right by.

Outside, after the ambulance had gone, the officer asked me what I was thinking and how I decided on going in there alone. I recall telling him I knew they had my back if I called for help and I did so I saw no issue with it. If I had gotten inside and not needed assistance I would have worked it out, all the while the owner nervous about the giant fire engine parked infront of the restaurant.

If you said get in and make an assessment as soon as possible, you made the right call.

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