Friday, June 26

Down but not out

Even though Bubba done roughed me up a spell, this post is about my little pal who goes nearly everywhere with me. Not quite an obituary, yet, I wanted to make her feel special in hopes she will not crap out completely.

The hinges on the 2002 eMachines laptop where Happy Medic first wrote finally gave out completely a few days ago. The screen has been tempermentel, at best, and getting it to function properly meant opening, closing, opening, closing and then holding extremely still so you could read the screen.

The second hinge died and, alas, I had no way of using her until I got a brilliant idea. I would try using a picture frame stand to keep the screen up. Not so brilliant after all.

In the end I tave taped a piece of string to the sceen to keep it from falling and spilling the glass of Talisker Isle of Skye Scotch my girls got me for Father's Day. As the author of I love my job says, "Daddy drinks because you cry."

So this old keyboard has at least a few weeks left to go. But I'm going to get every keystroke I can out of the 512 MB cache, 60 Gig hard drive and, wait for it, x2 speed DVD burner.

She was top of the line back then and still is in my eyes.

And I'm saving the replacement cost! Woo-Hoo!

Be safe out there friends,

your Happy Medic


Anonymous said...

Bless her little cotton socks, she's trying to hang on in there for you!
Maybe a nice shiney Macbook for a replacement??

The Bus Driver said...

wow.. that you still have a functioning e-machines is quite a feat. I cant complain too much, before i got my Dell, i had an emachines.. the stupid thing still works too!

FireCritic said...

Since beginning on blogs I am now on my 4th laptop and recently bought a new desktop too. You have a keen affinity for them obviously, me...I just buy them as throw-away models now. They cannot keep up with my tabbed browsing!

Keep on keepin on!

TBChick said...

When you go hunting for the replacement, you might want to think twice if it comes with a fingerprint scanner. Nothing worse than sitting there swiping your finger over and over again until the dopey software decides it's really you.