Monday, June 15

the Project

You heard it on the EMS Garage podcast, didn't you?

That's what sent you linking over here to confirm the seemingly impossible.

Two Paramedics, worlds apart, who ask each other never ending questions, will indeed meet to not only discuss their differences, but find common ground, all the while being filmed for the world to see.

Medic999 and myself have been comparing our systems for almost 10 months now, each finding the strengths and weaknesses in our own and comparing them to what we can learn of the other. With ambulances able to redirect patients and supported with rapid response cars, I am curious to see this system in action.
Hearing that I serve as a Paramedic from a Fire Engine, Medic999 is curious to see how a 4 man resource can multi-task from fire to EMS and back.

Wouldn't you know it, the BBC has taken interest in our mutual curiosity and will be recording each of us showing the other how our own system works, then switching places. Mark will ride with me, then I with him, all on camera.

I hope to learn from this project how to better serve the clients in my area, both with EMS care and fire protection, without overlapping services and making one rely on the other. I will be blogging, twittering, facebooking and sending smoke signals from here until the project is completed, letting you all in on what I am learning and what I like and don't think will work in the current "for profit" American systems.

Some who read these pages may think Happy is all about a solicalized, government run system. Reading some of my more political posts, I can see how someone would reach that conclusion, but I'm simply searching for something that can help a unique system like mine do more with less. If I get there and don't think it will work in my system, count on me to give it to you straight. Clearly they like it, I want to find out why.

I hope you all will come along with us, both online and possibly in person, depending on where you are. And of course be sure to watch the finished program when it airs. When that is, I will let you know.
As they say over the radio: Details to follow. Stay tuned.

I told you we were going to change the world. What did you think I meant?


MotorCop said...

Well done, good sir! Anxiously anticipating the final outcome. Will hoist a pint to your good fortune!

The Road Doctor said...

I already left my words of positivity (is that REALLY a word) at Mark's site, and now I am wishing you luck on your side of it.

So, now we'll get to put a face with the Happy Medic name... LOL

Greg Friese said...

Very exciting. Hopefully we will be able to view the BBC special in the states.

Michael Morse said...

Great work, I knew you two were up to something!

TBChick said...

Cool deal. I’m anxious to see how this all comes out especially from your perspective. I live in Canada and our system is closer to the UK than the US.

Regardless of what many Americans are lead to believe, I think our health system is pretty good. Can it improve? Sure. The last twenty months, I have been experiencing it up close and personal. It started with the first line of health care professionals, Peel Region’s Paramedics.

I’m sure you and Mark will find this an interesting journey.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool HM! This is progressive thinking at it's best. Stick with YOUR plan and get the best out of it that you can. Hopefully we will all learn something we can apply, even if it is only in our thought processes.
Regular updates I hope will follow, this is neat stuff.
Capt. Tom

Bernice said...

I am certainly intrigued!!

brokenangel said...

Good luck, enjoy your stay in newcastle and i suggest starting to learn geordie now!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, and have fun!!!

I can't wait to see the final project!!

And of course, keep us all up to date - but I know you will 'cause you are the kind of person. :)

Ckemtp said...

Jealous that you guys thought of it first ;)

Congrats buddy, well done. I think that this will be a heckova project and should turn out just great. Can't wait to see the results.

Course, if you head over to the Midwest (That's "flyover country", near Chicago or something) I've got steaks.

mrs. fuzz said...

That's awesome! Congrats. Very interested in seeing the outcome.

Funny how things happen, eh? First you are venting about your everyday job, then you are changing the world.

Can't wait to hear more.

The Bus Driver said...

wow i cant wait to follow along!!!!!