Sunday, June 7

Sunday Fun - Behind the Curtain at HMHQ

Not wasting enough time online?

Well now you can waste more! With the Happy Medic list of addictive distracting sites. Here's a shot of my shortcuts bar in the firefox browser:
The Super T Icon - First stop, try out Tanga a daily purchase site with a twist. Not only can you get a great deal on a board game, Tshirt or other neat stuff, but see lower on their page, that area for the puzzles? Those are user submitted and are updated every evening at 10 PM Eastern. Try one out and, if you like it, click on the links to submit your own. (Warning, highly addictive.)

The Blue square and white f are for facebook, or f'book or crackbook. (also highly addictive.) I'm there by the way, just look for my mug under, you guessed it, the Happy Medic. Become a fan!

The next 4 exclamation marks are for woot! wine.woot! shirt.woot! and sellout.woot! The best of the deal a day sites, woot has great products and hilarious product descriptions, not to mention $5 shipping on every order, except the $10 shirts, which ship free. There's also a weekly shirt design contest at shirt.woot and if you purchase the wine.woot in the first few hours you could get your order overnighted for free to act as a "lab rat" for others. You taste teh free wine and post comments. How cool is that?

The google.

Next up is digg, the little guy with the shovel. More specifically, digg labs, this engine tracks what is hot online in real time and shows you all the top stories and how popular they are. then you set it as your screen saver and watch all the gold just drip from the screen.

ebay, self explanatory. is a free games site that often does a free preview week where you can play all manner of games. The wife LOVES this one.

costco are good to have at the ready

as are
Craigslist, the peace symbol
the little red and blue dot are for Flickr, the photo sharing site.

The Tf in between is for Thingfling, another deal a day sight, with slightly lower quality than woot, but still fun stuff.
That annoying page symbol is because T-mobile won't make a cool icon, so no link for you.
Photobucket is a great image hosting site while vector magic used to be free. Boo-hoo.

Youtube and wikipedia are good for time wasting, so is netflix. Have to make sure the wife doesn't push my movies down the queue.

Gotta have my MSNBC fix (stop grumbling) and the next 3 help me solve the Tanga puzzles,(cheat really, don't tell anyone).

The k is for a neat game called k-dice.
Mr Smiley faced man leads to a tower defense game at Funnylishus that haunts my nightmares. You try it, tell me it's not addictive.
The blue house lets me keep tabs on the rental property and the next annoying boring icon is to Yeah, I have that bookmarked. You want to make something of it?

The knot work logo leads to a really neat celtic knotwork program Square Knots that lets you make a neat knot, then capture it for use elsewhere.

The next f'book logo is for Happy's page, that first one was for my page.

The familiar orange b, for blogger, leads to the family blog, notice no link.

The graph looking icon is to google analytics which may be, quite possibly, the third coolest thing on the interwebs behind pron and Happy. It lets you track everything about your site's visitors. Their location, screen resolution, I can tell what you guys are reading and what you're not. Not you specifically, but I get an overview of how many folks went where. Really cool.

There's me, Happy, looking quite nice 16px x 16px. That took me over a week to draw you know.
On the other side is the link to my massive bankroll at google's adsense from all the ads you guys click. In a year of doing this, I have yet to get anything to invest back into this place.

The circled Z is to the zazzle store where you can get your Happy Medic T-shirts, hats, bibs, children's wear, etc. It started as an idea to raise money to go out on my own, away from blogger, but after selling 50% of my sales to date to my mother, maybe I should try something else.

Another photobucket is followed by everyone's favorite 140 character mini-blog site Twitter. Click the link at the top of this page to follow me.

Ah gmail, you know you can reach me there, thehapymedic at gmail dot com.
EMS united, JEMS Connect and Firefighter Nation round up the professional stuff, all great visits.

The ones you won't see up there are over in the mutual aid bar, most notably Mark Glencourse and Firegeezer.

Now go waste some time!


MotorCop said...

How in the hell do you have time to save lives?

You're like the goddamn borg with all your computer whoozies and whatzits.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks Happy Medic is having a quiet shift!!

That's one busy shortcut bar!!

Jennifer said...

Other great deal a day sites are...