Sunday, June 14

Sunday Fun - the Google

"the Google" it is called in my house. The search engine of choice for most.
As a part of tracking what you visitors are reading, google analytics lets me see any search engine queries that lead to someone clicking on the blog. At first I thought it was silly and useless, then I started to see posts over at AD's place about strange search queries that hit his popular site.

So I decided to look deeper into it and that is how I discovered Happy Medic is the number one google result for "cocaine and strippers" and all combinations of c-spine precautions.

But how did these folks find me?

  • "that'll do pig" - OK I do have a post that has that phrase
  • "confident paramedic" - I'll take that
  • "carter country mp3" - You got me
  • "Happy memory bomber" - That's me alright
  • "Her limp legs" - I admit this is in a post
  • "alcohol" - There is a lot of that here
  • "i threw up from food poisoning and nearly passed why did someone called the paramedics" - If I could figure that out, friend, I could retire happy
  • "how do you escape a building with heavy smoke" - Get low and go
  • "koiler theory" - A t-shirt mentioned on a linked site
  • "scout with a medic head" - Huh?
  • "why does fdny wear radio strap right side" - I don't really care why, but do they? Now I care
  • "who is emt in charge of paramedic at car crash scene in vermont" - I would certainly know that, right?

Was one of these you?


Ckemtp said...

I also look at my sitemeter hits, a lot. It's great to see my page rank for weird search terms.

I'm proud to say that I pop up #1 for: Paramedic, "he puked".

Anonymous said...

Scout with a medic head probably relates to Team Fortress 2

Ceej said...
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