Saturday, June 20

Video of derailment

ProEMS has posted some video of the tanker derailment in Rockford, Ill yesterday.

His connection to the incident is, as I understand, his Department sent units to this incident, while he was assigned elsewhere. Isn't that always the case.

He CK, if you get a chance, I'd like to hear your Co-Member's impressions of the scene and operations. Maybe a followup post soon?

EDIT - I've got him in the Mutual Aid Board now so we can monitor for the follow-up interview with members on the scene of the tanker explosion.

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Ckemtp said...

Thanks for the link Happy. Info is sketchy right now. It just goes to show that disasters can happen at any time. This one went very well with the plans in place. Here in IL we have the MABAS, or Mutual Aid Box Alarm System. It has preplanned mutual aid agreements for most situations that can bring in as much or as little assistance as you need with non-emergent units responding to cover additional calls for your district as well. It is set up so that you can get an unbelievable amount of assistance immediately without stripping your neighbors of resources.

I'll be following up on this soon.