Sunday, June 7


Some political stuff here at work had Happy in a mood. I get this way from time to time, too often Mrs Happy tells me, but I'm an emotional fellow, I love my chosen career. Now imagine my surprise when Jesus found me when I was down in the dumps.


A woman is experiencing dizzyness.


We meet the woman in her apartment and she's wandering up and down the stairs, mumbling. When we ask her name, she replies that she is Jesus.

Not "Hay-Zus," but the second coming of the Christian savior, Jesus Christ. I'm not one to be overly religious, or even beginingly religious for that matter, so I didn't think too much of it at the time. I don't pass judgement on my clients, that's not my job. I assess, I treat and I transport. Sometimes I take some liberties on claims and statements, but when it comes to religion, each person is entitled to their own beliefs.
These days you never know, right?

Despite the many depictions, this savior returned as a 5 foot tall 200 lb woman with mental health issues.

All that aside, we took her in because she wanted to go in, and I had a chance just to talk to her. She made me smile when I needed it most, so it doesn't matter who she is, was or will be. The more we talked the more I realized that my troubles were minor compared to my new friend.

Many people try to find Jesus. With all the stress I gave myself about the politics of what we do, it was the unlikely event of Jesus finding me that made all the difference this day.

Incase you're looking, Jesus was last seen in triage at Saint Farthest.


MotorCop said...

Was it a skeeball related incident on the Jersey Shore?

The Road Doctor said...

MC - I just found a whole new level of respect for you. :)

The Happy Medic said...

I'm starting to wonder if we aren't all just different personalities in the same person.
How else do you explain all the hidden K Smith stuff making sense?

AdCy said...

Ha ha ha!! I LOVE that movie! And I love even more that we can openly talk about calls like this...skeeball incident...MC, you crack me up...