Monday, June 1

You Make the Call...Expired Meds...What Happened

We've got to stay focused during morning check from now on. Firegeezer is always reminding us to get the equipment checked out. Let's pay more attention.

Watching this woman slowly suffocating there was, of course, only one option. Give the medications.
The expiration dates on medications are put there for a reason, but the effectiveness remains long after that date, varying by medication. Happy does not endorse using expired meds on a regular basis, but in a situation like this, we have to deal with reality, not a discussion on the reliability of 2 month expired drugs.

As I gave the epinephrine I played out my defense in my mind, "Your honor, she's filing this law suit against me for using expired medications to save her life. Please note she is still alive. The defense rests."

When the ambulance arrived I explained the situation to the transport medic and she smiled and told me she will document that the medication was administered and the conditions under which I chose to give it.

If you said give the medications, you made the right call.

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