Monday, June 29

You Make the Call...Round 3...What Happened

I'm writing this 2 days after my encounter with Bubba and I'm still a touch sore in the shoulders, but we also only got 3.5 hours of sleep that night, so which is the cause we may never know.

Remember friends, Bubba is drunk after a fight with his landlord which caused him to run with knives and stab himself pretty good. He might be an OK guy sober, we'll never know.
After we got him enroute, we had to re-bandage his leg as the wound had opened. I say we... I WAS THE DRIVER ON THIS RUN. From the start to the finish this was my partner's job, I just happened to be the one helping him down the stairs with the computer. Our drivers often start the chart while the other is doing their assessment.

Bubba's leg is messed up. Not as bad as it could have been if he had gotten even drunker before playing Benny Hanna, but the lac looked ugly and bled through our sheets and into a buckle. I hate that.

We made Mom and girlfriend take a cab to the ER, even after the mother slapped the empty passenger seat and in broken english told me, "But I he mutha!"

"He's an adult Ma'am and with an injury like his you can't come with us." OK, so technically I was using the unwitnessed violent trauma rule and assuming there is an Unsub (Criminal Minds anyone?) on the loose, so we don't take riders.

In the end, I think I'm going to let this bit of foolishness slide. I think the earfuls he has no doubt been getting from mom and the girlfriend will make him think twice in the future. Not to mention the bill for us and the ER. AND the nice 1-2 inch scar he'll see everyday he goes swimming. Or takes a shower. Or tries to get his groove on.

He'll look at that scar and think, "I never should have made Happy angry. I don't like him when he's angry."

If you said let him go, you made my call.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Well, ya know, you were there, I was here. I still think a foray into the system was in order. If, I mean when, he does it again, a prior conviction is going to cause it to hurt a little more.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed to hear that you got 3.5 hrs of sleep after the incident .... The Hand of God must have been pushing all the calls into everyone else areas after your encounter with Bubba.

Glad to hear you got some much needed and wanted rest; to bad you have to see Bubba first and hurt your shoulder. Rest that shoulder now, we don't want an injured not so Happy Medic.