Monday, June 15

You Make the Call...Running Late...What Happened

HERE was the situation from friday.

I had stood by for this person more than once in the past and he never showed when he said he would and it was always a different reason. From sick kids to alarm clocks, it was always something.

I made the decision to try to lead by example and agreed to stand by for an hour. That was at 7:45 AM.
At 11:30 he arrived at the station, making as if this was the agreed upon arrangement. I was furious, but tried to brush it off by offering for him to come in early for me the next rotation where that worked out. He said that wouldn't work for him and pulled a twenty dollar bill from his pocket.
"Thanks, man." He said.
"No thanks," I replied and told the officer I had been relieved.
The officer looked at Mr Late and frowned.

I no longer stand by or work trades with this person for obvious reasons.

If you said do the right thing, one last time, you made the right call.


Anonymous said...

You need a new union if you only make $5 an hour the amount offered by the late guy!..The Angry Captain

The Happy Medic said...

Had he offered me market rate ahead of time (A clear violation of the rules, so that NEVER happens, right) I may have agreed to standing by all the time since I live an hour away as well.

It was the insult of the almost doorman like way he tried to do it.