Tuesday, July 21

"Ain't no use arguing with no fool"

Lt Morse over at Rescuing Providence reminds us what professionalism is when he encountered another serious American EMS emergency.

Any call that has one of the following elements is a winner in Happy Medic's book:
Patient is smoking a cigarette on your arrival
The demand to "Be seen" or "Get checked out"
They refuse to answer questions
They are ambulatory and can see the hospital from where they are sitting
They eat
They call you an ambulance driver
They know "Their rights" and demand you do what they say

Lt Morse might have a Yahtzee. Go look and have a giggle, then a sigh, then cry because this is why you have to wait so long for an ambulance in the USA.

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Michael Morse said...

Thanks for the link, HM. Sadly these calls are getting more and more common. Complain to city hall and the exact opposite of what should happen happens.