Friday, July 3

For Motorcop

Blogging is such a great stress reliever.

My favorite BIB (Boy in Blue) got a great ad placement recently. Just like the ads here when they were for teeth whitening and hair straightening and more recently when Motorcop, Policewife and 2 Wheel Terror conspired to put a police education ad on my blog (They deny it, I know they did it), the ads google chooses to place can be hilarious.
We blog authors can block certain ads but with only 200 hits a day, I attract the low rent crowd.

But the positioning with a recent post of his was just too much to pass up.

Incase you missed it:And the page that made me laugh even harder:


MotorCop said...

My name is MotorCop and I do not approve this message.


Ckemtp said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa..



(cough) (choke)

Ahh, I love Google ads. Best $3.87 I've ever made.

The Bus Driver said...

lol priceless.... there are now ads for car insurance over his elderly driver post LOL

mrs. fuzz said...

HAHAHA! The gay one is hilarious and completely random. I wish I could control what ads people get.