Wednesday, July 15

Free Expo Tickets from the Geezer is offering 5 tickets to the final three days of the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore.

The Geezer states:

Firegeezer has five (5) complimentary passes for the last three days of the conference, July 23, 24 and 25. This complete package is worth $295, but it can be yours for FREE if you act now and rub your lucky rabbit’s foot.

Send us an email NOW to with your name, address, phone #, and put “Expo” in the subject line. They must arrive at our Inbox by 10:30 am tomorrow - Thursday - and we will conduct a random drawing at 11:00 am tomorrow - Thursday.

Goto the original post for more details HERE and good luck.

Oh, and if you're around the second week of November I'm going to have a special guest at HMHQ, so maybe when the shoe drops we can have a Fire/EMS blogger meet up. Pencil in the 9th through the 15th for now, details to follow.

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