Wednesday, July 8

I'm being followed

Thank you readers for recruiting 200 Twitter followers, most with EMT, EMS, Fire or Rescue in their descriptions!


TBChick said...

HM, Just a reminder that not all of your followers are in the "industry". I'm the patient, so sometimes you need to explain some of the technical stuff.

Now we just have to get your Twitter followers over to the blog and for your blog followers, to Twitter. If you are not on Twitter already, go sign yourself up and follow @theHappyMedic & @MotorCop1 (and maybe me too, @TBChick but I'm not nearly as interesting as those two).

The Happy Medic said...

Thanks TB,
Always let ,me know with a comment if you need explanation on a medical run. I write from at least an
emt knowledge level. I hope.

Thanks again,