Monday, July 27

Medic 99 has been deactivated

At 0800 hours this morning, one of the last 24 hour ambulances in our system, the one I refer to as Medic 99, was deactivated and reassigned to the day car yard.

A mixture of emotions today, I was not working, but it really drives home that the Administration's plan, whatever it may be, is happening after all. As we all say, "I'll believe it when I see it," I'm seeing it. In 30 days time all Firefighter/Paramedics will be assigned to engine companies, not ambulances and all transports will be covered by single role Paramedics and EMTs. Some are rejoicing. Others are quiet. A handful of others have transferred over, grabbing sweet cars on nice hours (If your kids are grown).

I mentioned before, when I first told you of the plan to shut down van #99, that I will miss it. I took this job knowing the system was in a state of transition from day car to 24 hour car and I wanted a part of it. You read that right, I'm not mixed up. When I started here, we had just shifted from 10 hour to 24 hour cars. But the amount of abuse and waste in the dual medic 24 hour system sent the plan into disarray. Now we're 30 days from what I jokingly refer to as "Operation Full Circle." The ambulances out of the firehouses and back on the streets.

It's tough to make decisions about what is best for this system since so many high up play their cards very close. Accurate information is hard to come by and basing theories on my education gets me funny looks.
"May I see the 3 year plan?"
"The what?"

So raise a glass, lads. The never ending nights at 99 are now history.


Anonymous said...

**Shiff Shiff** Do you need a tissue?? 'Cause I might be able to find you some low dust tissues around my centre.

Personally I don't know how to react - seeing an organization go full circle like that must be frustrating. I am sure you must harbour some ill and angry feeling towards Management.

You might like working these new shifts, give it a try, and hold your head up high - in the end things might work out.

-- On a side note, the city medics I dispatch for work 12 hrs shifts (we have 24 hrs trucks & peak trucks), while the rural truck work 24 hrs shift. I couldn't tell you which is better, but to my knowledge the city medics have never worked 24 hrs shifts.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the lack of planning seems to be widespread in today's "public safety" agencies. My particular agency tends to use long range planning both for and against some things.

For example, we can't renovate our main station because it MIGHT be closed and moved sometime over the next 10 years. But we also don't have a 3 year plan that anyone can look at to determine the direction of the department...we just wing it and keep our fingers crossed for the best.

Their newest trick is making policies to discipline people on the fly. You violated this policy that was just released a week before it came out, but you should have know better. *sigh*

Ckemtp said...

Happy, I gots me a day off today. I promise that in about 3hrs (CST) I will be honored to have a drink in Medic 99's honor.

And then another or two.

brendan said...

I'm still a little confused. Does that mean that all the transporting will be by another agency? Or by fire department employees that are not firefighters? You'll be doing all the ALS care onscene, then hand off for the transport?

The Happy Medic said...

Brendan, Our system is transferring transport duties to a group of Paramedics and EMTs who are Fire Employees, but not firefighters, as well as allowing a handful of private companies to assist with our exploding call volume.

And CK, thank you, just don't drop it. I had to, you know I did.

Ckemtp said...

Just got home from Training night at the vollie FD then our weekly "Active Camaraderie Enhancement" hours at the local pub immediately thereafter.

I really did raise one of my MGD's (or my Mmmmmm Goods, as I call them) and told everyone it was for Medic 99. They were confused. I drank a toast anyway.

Gkemtb got it, she raised one too.

The Happy Medic said...

CK..... :) !!!

brendan said...

Ok, that makes more sense now. I have a friend who works as a medic in a similar system nearby, but they don't have medics on their engines, or even EMTs in many cases. Engines only go on medical runs if it comes in as a code or the medics request them. EMS even does the auto accidents by themselves.