Monday, July 27

Mutial Aid and CE Updates

I've been tinkering with the Mutual Aid and Continuing Education boards and wanted to pass along some new favorites.

Mutual Aid

Pedro the Paramedic recently caught my eye with a leaning towards the management aspect of what we do.

Writer Sean Fitzmorris has resurrected his Burning Tiger content at, where else, Burning Tiger Reborn! This link will take you back to the beginning of a great EMS story I'm still working through. Grab a drink and get yourself 30 minutes alone to get started and be able to appreciate it.


With all the talk in this economy about cutting back and spending wisely, a friend tried to get me to read some pretty crazy stuff. In a different category was this site Frugal Living at its Finest someone on Facebook recommended. I'm not familiar with the author they are basing their life changing economic adventure on, but I admire their honesty, even though it is an anonymous blog. If we could all be this honest about money, maybe this place would be running a little smoother.

Have a site I should be following? Drop a comment and I'll take a look in between playing Pirates on Facebook and watching the little ones.

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