Wednesday, July 1

My new hit single

I've had this song stuck in my head for days... El Paso by Marty Robbins. A great old folk song about love, death and courage. Kind of like a day at work right? No?
I wander into the house singing, "...something is dreadfully wrong for I feel..." and my girls laugh.

We ran a job the other night that I wanted to pass along based on the outcome but it needed context. In comes Marty and the song in my head.
So, with the greatest respect to Mr Robbins, I present the following lyrics to a song I wrote.

El Burrito
(Sung to the tune of El Paso by Marty Robbins)

Out in the west part of town that I work in,
We were dispatched to an emergency,
The caller has a girl who's tummy does hurt her,
She's feeling faint and she can't rightly breathe,

A young girl is ill and we can't stop to dawdle,
We have to hurry and get there real quick,
She could be suffering, painfully hurting,
So many reasons she could be so sick,

The night is cold as we pull out the door,
Siren and horn are so loud,
Weaving and turning,
Though nothing is burning,
Someone does need us,
And we aim to help.

So with patience I

Buckle my seat belt and put on the headset,
Hearing the screech of the brakes to my right.
The handsome young driver had stopped to let us pass,
The young lady behind him distracted by night.

Just for a moment we pause at the corner,
Making sure no one is injured or dead.
Would we have to leave the young girl unattended,
Just because somebody didn't see red?

I thought of the young girl you needed us then,
Somewhere alone in the dark.
Half way to her place,
I only the see the face,
Of the young driver
Who just broke to swerve,

Far away from

The bumper she torn off the car right infront of
Another that had stopped to yield to our cause.

Dispatch is calling, our patient is falling,
Out of her chair and she's now on the floor,
No one is injured down here at the corner,
I climb back in the engine and slam shut the door.

Lights again flashing away we do go,
Driving so fast in the dark.
The ride is a short one
And now we've arrived there.
I jump out just soon as the engines in park.

And at last here I

Am in the hallway of the teen girl's flop house,
Wondering which girl needs ALS care.
An angry adult has appeared from the back room.
I ask a question which evokes a glare.

"My name is Happy and I'm here to help you;
Did you report a life threat to a child?"
Shouting loud swear words a young girl appears,
I need to get this place a bit less wild.

Something is dreadfully wrong for I see
A teenager sitting just fine.
Though I am trying
To find out what happened,
The adult is screaming,
And starting to whine.

So I ask

The young girl just what is the bother,
Wondering what her response would entail.
She says that she's thrown up from a bad burrito,
"I must not have heard that , please give more detail."

All of this panic turns out to be nothing,
The adult who called us I desire to flog,
All of the damage they've done just for nothing
"This is gonna look great in my blog."


TBChick said...

Perhaps, if you record it and put it on YouTube for us. Hmmm!!...

Shasta said...

This is awesome - nice job!

Capt. Schmoe said...


Anonymous said...

I'm with TBChick on this one.
I am very disappointed and a little shocked to know that you think we would accept just written lyrics to a song that is obviously faaaaaarrr to old for me to know about. Mrs HM needs to get the old camcorder and you need to do your best Americas got Talent impression for us all. Anything less is frankly just a cop out.
Come on Happy, do it for your fans!!!