Sunday, July 19

the Project

The details of the Trans-Atlantic blogger Paramedic meet up better known around here as "the Project" are starting to gel and a tentative date has been set for the start.
I will now jinx the Project by posting details before they are concrete.
Medicblog999 and the BBC will arrive the second week of November and I'll head out there after 6-7 days of filming and stay until the Thanksgiving holiday.

With that in mind, I am preparing to write up my official assignments request to the Chief describing what experiences I think Mark should have when he arrives.
Although what we do may differ from what you do, I want to give him a solid understanding of what it means to deliver EMS in a fire model.

So, I want you, my readers, to chime in on what you think Mark should see or do on his ride alongs with Happy. I have already worked out time on a lone engine company, an engine in a triple house downtown and scattered dynamically deployed ambulances. (Our 24 hour cars will all be closed by the time he arrives, including my beloved 99).

But what else should he see?

Here are some suggestions of what I would like to see, but can't fit it all into the time schedule we have:

Mark tillering downtown on the 100' ALF (With help and supervision of course)

A drill in the smoke house or at the tower

A ride with our heavy rescue squad

A cruise on the fire boat

A low angle rope rescue drill

Make Let him cook at the triple house (Engine, Truck, Squad, Division Chief - 15 people!)

A ride in the helicopter (Oh wait, we don't have those here)

A blogger meet up opportunity for folks in the area (You already know where I am, remember, I won't tell you) to come by and meet Mark while here.

What of these would you like to see Mark do? Do you have another suggestion? Remember, this is mainly to show him EMS delivered from a fire model, not a comprehensive evaluation and comparison of EMS from different regions. Maybe he'll head your way next year, but this year he's dropping by my neck of the woods.


FireCritic said...

Quit hogging him already. He can come to my department to hear all the medics complain about riding the ambulances!!!

jk, well they complain but I would shelter him from that.

Show him how to make, maintenance, and refurb wooden ladders of course!

I don't know, I would say that just riding along will give him a decent understanding of fire based ems. Will he ride along on an ambulance at all? That is an idea, but would require you to do the same. arg......

Big Show said...

Take him around the dispatch center.

MotorCop said...

He should get to experience buying beer for his new Yankee mates. :)

Anonymous said...

Getting all excited!!

Beans and toast for 15 people - No Problems!!

Michael Morse said...

Whenever I have a "rider" it's guaranteed to be a slow night. Not that I wish any misfortune an anybody, but I hope he gets into the thick of things! Sounds like a great time, I hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

I already put my 2 cents on about the dispatch centre.

I hope you have fun with this 'Project'