Tuesday, August 25

2 Year old Tip of the Helmet to Orlando

There is so much talking by politicians about how fire stations can be closed without effecting response time without anyone actually showing examples of how a well staffed, well deployed service can handle adversity in a time of need.

This tip of the helmet goes to the Orlando Fire Communications Staff, Orlando Engines 11,6,1 Tower 1,8 Rescue 1, Heavy Rescue 1 and other units at the scene of this large apartment fire recently seen by our friend Beemer and sent along to HMHQ. It is from September of 2007 but could be happening in your town tonight.

The next time a politician in your area thinks that brownouts aren't such a big deal, remind them that if any one of the first units to this scene had been closed that day, the woman and 4 children trapped inside would be dead. Send them this video, now.

This video is well put together and includes 911 tapes from the woman and the children trapped in a bathroom behind heavy fire.

A job well done.

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