Wednesday, August 26

Happy is an uncle!

Attention all companies and units in the field:

Just received via twitter:

@motorcop1 Baby MC has arrived! The Wife rocked it! Med free and all natural! She is my hero! I am now surrounded by estrogen with two beauty girls.

My self proclaimed brother from another mother reports via twitter that both Mrs MC and Baby MC are healthy and well.

Watch for updates at Motorcop's home base.

That is all.


WVmedicgirl said...

thanks for the update on MC!

Ckemtp said...

Since he hasn't had time to post on his blog yet, Congrats MC! And Congrats um, Uncle Happy!

The Bus Driver said...

yay!!!!!! cant wait for the update on his home front!

KD said...

thanks 4 the update ~ yay!!

911 and the Randomness.. said...

awesome! thanks for the update and congrats to MC!!

Coupes and Quilts said...

Congrats to my son from another mother (apparently).