Tuesday, August 18

Mutual Aid Board Addition

We're flush on available resources at the moment, but are bumping a blog up from the follow list onto the board.

9-Echo-1 has been hiding in my blogger reading list for a few months now, but this recent post about the current Health Care debate made me smile, laugh, and had an amazing calming effect as I read it. I think the author and I differ politically, but reading ideas that make perfect sense is something I'll always agree with.

9-Echo-1 Describes his writings this way:

"My rambling musings, opinions, and observations on all manner of things...life, work, EMS, politics...anything. Names will be changed (in accordance with HIPPA) to protect the innocent, guilty, and terminally stu...well, we'll leave it at innocent and guilty for now. Politicians are exempt from HIPPA. These are my opinions and mine only. They do not represent the official policy or opinions of any of my employers, past or present."

Welcome to the board 9 Echo 1, standby for a 26 Alpha 1.

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