Sunday, August 30

Sunday Fun - Take me out...

I'm not a baseball fan, but when I hear Station 13 has a bet with the Station 13 of the other team in the game, it really makes it interesting. What is the bet you ask? T-shirts. Loser sends the winner one shirt for each guy signed up. On today's schedule:

1:05 PM

4:05 PM

Finding this info is challenging, I need your help gentle readers. If you know what house is first due at a local pro stadium, send me an email with a pic or a link to a pic and let's start a database. Football, Baseball, Hockey...just list the city, stadium, company and sport. Then I'll post it up and more folks can get into the T-shirt collecting business.

Play Ball!


audrey said...

Chicago may as well start packing up the shirts now. I can say that, I'm a White Sox fan :p

TOTWTYTR said...

In Boston it's Engine 33 and Ladder 15 that are first due to Fenway.

Sean said...

@TOTWTYTR, I disagree, Engine 37/Ladder 26 are "First Due At Fenway"...they even have t-shirts that say so,

Christopher said...

It does not have to be the station closest to the stadium that participates.

Several years ago the Washington Redskins were playing host to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the playoffs. Guys at my firehouse rang up several stations in Tampa until they got someone to answer. After several minutes of talking trash the bet was set, we will send 15 t-shirts to Tampa if they win, you send 15 t-shirts to DC if we win.

Several weeks later, 15 gray Tampa Fire Department Shirts showed up. We all put on the Tampa FD t-shirts and went to the old home of Redskins Football (RFK Stadium) and had our picture taken. This has been done several times, with varying DC sports. Some you win... and being in DC, many you lose..LOL