Monday, August 3

You Make the Call...Traffic Stop...What Happened

This was a kind of trick question. When this event took place I was working for a Public Safety Agency. Each vehicle was marked the same, ambulance, fire engine and law enforcement car. Per the policies, the officer was within his abilities to use the ambulance to stop the vehicle. Since I was driving I was uncomfortable with the idea of a pursuit, but agreed to at least slow them down and get the kids sitting properly and safely.

Just as I hit the lights we heard an off duty officer on the air asking our situation. He was in his unmarked cruiser and was now behind us, but was not in his uniform.

It was a combined effort with the unmarked car making the stop and the ambulance pulling in behind for the uniformed officer to approach the car and do his business.

I cleared the scene as another marked duty car pulled in and once again had to delay the fantasy of the high speed chase. Until this happened.

If you said do what you can for safety's sake, you made the right call.

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